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Home Equity Loans Nationwide offers second mortgages and home equity lines of credit with fixed or variable rate options. We work with homeowners seeking funds for remodel and financing home improvements. Many of our clients will get cash out for pool construction, while consolidating their bills into a tax-reducing second mortgage. 2nd Mortgage rates are still pretty darn low. Apply Now and lock in for a loan that saves you money!

  • Consolidate high-interest credit cards
  • No Equity 2nd Mortgages
  • 1st Time Home-Buyer Programs for Prime and Sub-Prime Credit
  • No Income Verification Programs for Self Employed People
  • Cash Out for Debt Consolidation Home Improvements
  • Fixed Rate Loans up to 125% of the property value

Over the years, 2nd mortgage loans will offer lower interest rates than credit cards. A few points of interest can cost thousands of dollars over a period of years. Home equity credit lines in most cases will have an adjustable interest, but home equity loans will provide a fixed monthly payment with a fixed interest rate. Consider the pros and cons of a Heloc and a 2nd mortgage before choosing the credit card alternative that is offers no tax deductibility.

Get Approved for a Fixed 2nd Mortgage to refinance credit card bills. You may qualify for a low interest rate, so you better get lock the rate now!

"Our credit card debt was getting really bad. Fortunately you helped me roll the debt it into my mortgage and I was even able to get an additional equity line of credit that adds more money in my pocket. Thanks again!" - Tommy Nourian

Our second mortgages will save money by reducing your debt by minimizing the interest rate. No equity is required for second mortgages with 125%combined loan to value options. Get pre-qualified for a 2nd mortgage now! No Appraisal Needed! Borrow up to 125% of your home's value. Our home loans are the perfect way to consolidate your bills. You can pay off all of your credit cards, consumer loans, and other bills, combining those outstanding balances into one low monthly payment. Apply Now and get cash out and pay off your bills as well.