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Fixed Home Equity Loans

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125% 2nd Mortgages
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Home Equity Loans and Credit

Home Equity loans Nationwide offers many fixed interest mortgage loan in 2nd position, behind your current 1st mortgage loans. Home equity lines of credit are revolving lines that are also in 2nd position behind your 1st loan, but you only pay interest with lines of credit when you use the equity funds. Home Equity Nationwide can help you get approved for a low rate loan. Remodel and finance home improvements while consolidating your bills into a tax-reducing second mortgage.

  • Pay off high-interest credit cards
  • No Home Equity Required
  • 1st Time Home-Buyer Programs
  • Stated Income Equity Loans
  • Get Cash for Debt Consolidation
  • Fixed Rate Loans up to 125% home value
  • Variable Rate Loans up to 100% home value

Our home equity loans can save you money by reducing your interest rates, and changing them into a simple interest amortization.

“Special Thanks to Home Equity Loans Nationwide... The team pulled through and found me a great home equity loan even though, I had bad credit. Not only did this loan save me money, but now my credit scores are higher, because of the debt I consolidated.” Jennifer Grant

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"It was a great loan experience... I received 3 quotes the same day that I completed the simple online form. I was pleasantly surprised with the professionalism from the different loan officers and low interest rates made it worth my while." - Janice Cutler

Unlike credit cards and most installment loans, mortgage interest is tax deductible in most cases. Please consult your tax advisor. Home equity rates are still low, so Apply Now and lock in for a loan that saves you money!